How to let internet auto-correct your Grammar and Punctuation on Facebook & Twitter


Tired of getting hampered by typos?

Well, there’s this new internet tool called Grammarly (  ) which automatically edits your mistakes and gives the right suggestions.

What’s more? It rectifies improper punctuations and suggests you insert commas and etcetera whenever necessary. The free version covers all of these.

The premium version is an arch above the free version. It can suggest better synonyms. So, the next time you’re typing a novel, project report or thesis, don’t mind dropping by Grammarly 🙂


It works in three ways:

1: Grammarly follows you everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, WordPress and almost all platforms.

This is a screenshot from my Facebook status.

I have intentionally made two typos here so I can show you how the auto-correct works.

Red underlines: For huge mistakes.

Green underlines: Slight mistakes


2: It is easy and 10 times more accurate than Microsoft Word


3. Self-edit your books/reports/resumes:


All you need to do:

  1. Copy-paste up to a maximum of 20 pages of text (there’s a limit for free version ) in the editing space which you’ll get after clicking ‘New’.g1
  2. Upload an MS Word file here and Grammarly will show you where you went wrong.

All the best. Happy proof-reading!




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