Amcat Test Experience Telephonic Interview Round – SVAR Test



It sounds simple from the way it is being instructed but here’s what you need to be aware of.

What you need:
1. Proper network. You can re-attempt twice in case of failures, but not more than that.
2. Closed room, with no disturbance.
3. Use headphones with good sound, or put loudspeakers.
4. Vigilant ear, because the only key to cracking this is attention.
5. Note down Your AMCAT ID, PARSE KEY (given to you by your test centre), SVAR ID, TEST ID in a notepad.
You need to type these on your mobile’s keypad for verification.
6. A pen or pencil
(In my situation, I kept my laptop open.
I opened the email instructions in Gmail and placed it in front of me.
There was a pad to my hand’s reach and a pen in my right hand. My left hand was holding the phone.)

Duration: 18-20 minutes
Number of questions: Approximately 40-45

Round 1:
They’ll send you 12 sentences via email in prior which you need to recite at the time of your phone call.
After each beep you need to speak fast and with proper pronunciation within a span of merely 5 seconds.
Round 2:
The automated voice on the phone will recite ten sentences.
You need to repeat the sentence you hear.
Listen carefully.
You will only get one chance to hear a sentence.
If you listen attentively, you can deliver the same well.

Round 3:
In this section, you will hear a conversation followed by a set of questions based on it.
Scribble the points first. In my case, it was a conversation between a lady and a customer service regarding wrong shopping order.

Round 4:
Multiple choice questions followed by its options. Answer as per the instructions given.

Round 5:
You will hear sentences which might have a grammatical error. It will be followed by four options each being a part of the sentence itself. Identify the part which contains an error.

Round 6:
A topic of speech will be assigned to you and you are required to speak about it for 45 seconds.
Mine was ‘A busy market scene’.

All the best. Muster all your wisdom and crack it.