Tech Mahindra – Placement Experience ( Out-Campus)


First round saw 800-1000 (not sure) students from different colleges and streams.

130 Quants were asked as a part of online test and the time limit was 80 minutes.

It was composed of Arithmetic Ability, Verbal and Logical.

I started off by completing half of Aptitude .

Then, I progressed to Verbal and completed half of it. (At least that way, I can pass the sectional cut-offs).

After which, I completed the remaining Aptitude questions and at last I did the remaining verbals.

Out of my precious 80 minutes, 5 minutes were gone because of one blank question (an error on their part). There was no question – just the question number.

The coordinators of the host college spent time running around for solutions, and I realized I was losing time.

Due to which, I asked them to stop trying and let me skip it. They further added that they’ll give me another extra question at the end.

Anyway, I scored 110/130 in the remaining 75 minutes and got through. They forgot about the ‘extra question’ and so did I.

Second round:

Selected students were asked to type a passage on any given topic with proper grammar, construction and  meaning. It should be of more than 1200 characters.  Time limit was 10 minutes, and I did it in 7 mins. Mine was “Biggest Challenge in your life.”

You’ll have to ask me personally because I find it amusing.

Third Round : Technical H.R.

  1. Detailed differentiation between C & C++.
  2. Questions based on my area of interest : Data Structures, Linked List, etc.
  3. Questions based on my other passion, Web Designing: 
    1. What tools I use? – Adobe Dreamweaver
    2. My language – HTML
    3. On being asked if I know ASP.NET – My answer’s NO. I explained that I haven’t stepped my foot into the server side programming.
    4. What is e-commerce? – I spoke a little longer than usual considering how I love it.
  4. What’s your weakness – NETWORKING (I answered it without hesitance). And my reason was that my area is more on the algorithmic thinking part and logics, and that it’s not of my interest.
  5. Introduce yourself.
  6. Why did you come to Coimbatore? – My answer was something like this.

Final Round : Personal H.R.

  • About my parents, and after telling their professions I told him that my Dad taught me how to think wise and do wise in life and that he’s behind my sensible side and proper decision-makings, and that my Mom is the reason why I’m fearless. And that makes them my role model.
  • How would you describe the word learning ? – My answer was clear and concise. I loved this question and spoke my mindset off. Learning should be a gradual and progressive step, where we collect facts from everywhere in our daily life, and from every single person irrespective of whether he’s a genius or not. And I stressed the importance of consistent ‘little by little’ knowledge gathering. I told him that I NEVER BURN THE MIDNIGHT OIL and that I didn’t spend all day & night preparing for the day’s interview. “I DON’T BELIEVE IN CRAMMING UP. That’s not the right way. I’m here because I was consistent in everything I did right from the start of my first year.”
  • My take on Hope and Passion : “Hope, for me,  is when I know I’m capable of my aimed target and that I expect myself to get it after knowing my caliber, not necessarily wanting for something to happen. It should be a result of my confidence – the type that comes after you know you’re capable of doing things. “
  • How did you manage the second round? – “I have a habit of typing novels into M.S. Word and that involves quick speed, and correct punctuation, so I’m used to typing something meaningful fast.” He praised me on this.
  • On being asked if I have a year gap – “Yes, it was between my 12th and College.”
  • Do you know Tamil ? – “Koncham Koncham Teriya” (And we laughed together).
  • What’s your ambition? – “I want to become a project manager – a real team leader in a reputed IT company like Tech Mahindra – even if it means starting from a freshers’ stage and progressing into higher posts.”

At the end, he pointed out that he loved my style of speaking, which made me happy and thanked him. He was very friendly and also tapped my shoulder.

Fun afterall 🙂 Loved it.


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