Genesys (Chennai) Interview Experience




First Round: ( through eLitmus ) 

Written Test: Quantitative Ability + Problem Solving + Verbal

60 students came for second round.

Second Round: (conducted at Manyata Embassy Business Park, Bangalore)

Written Test: Numeric Ability + Programing + OS + Networking + Comprehension

Third Round:

Puzzle Solving/ Coding challenge.

I got a program based on implementing image processing pixels in C/Java/C++.

I used C, where I’ve represented the pixels in a matrix and implemented their multiple test cases.

Fourth Round: Technical Interview

The HR asked me about my website ( ) and blog ( ) and opened them in his laptop. He praised me seeing those.

Topics asked:

My area of interest: Data Structures and Algorithms

  1. AVL  Tree, Binary Tree vs Binary Search Tree
  2. Asked me to write Preorder, Inorder, PostOrder algorithm of Binary Search Tree (recursion)
  3. C Program to print the unique NON-REPEATING element from an array of duplicate elements. (Eg. If array is 1,1,2,3,3,4,4, answer is 2)
  4. Comparisons of different sorting algorithms (Binary Sort, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort). I explained Quicksort, how it involved ‘pivot element’ and why it is useful.

He didn’t leave me there. We were being told after third round that they will DRILL US.

He asked me outside my comfort zone (which I answered):

  • Networking: TCP vs UDP (including connection concepts, checksum, etc.)
  • Layers of Network
  • Deadlock, Mutex, Interrupt. (He asked me a trick question ‘What is livelock?’ and I said it doesn’t exist. I made a mistake with Mutex.)
  • Operating Systems.

Puzzles involving boats

Automation (imagine selling me a mobile and I must check it’s features.)

Fifth Round: HR + Technical

Why are you wearing a tie? You’re so formal.

It’s because I respect the job I’m seeking for and the people hiring me. If I were an HR, I’d have been stringent with dress code. (He thanked me for the respect, he really did.)

Why should I pay you this much?

I’ve spent my entire college life dedicated to programming, won coding competitions, set question papers for symposiums, led my college department as Association President, and this dedication needs good pay for me to keep on going.

Discussions about Chennai, my family etc.

And here it goes again….

  • Write a program to check if a string is palindrome or not using dynamic allocation. (He made me do twice, after optimizing and reducing space and time complexity).
  • Write a Html code to build a username, login and password page (I did it in a detailed manner such that the password space is filled up with asterisk ******** initially before typing of words)
  • Puzzle 1
  • Puzzle 2
  • Networking Questions
  • OOPS Concepts + Inheritance Program + public/private/protected cases

Sixth Round: Meeting with Director

Logic based questions and puzzles

Seventh Round: Meeting with Director

HR – General Discussions.

I have joined here. 🙂 Life’s good.


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